right in sight

hard painful edge . hardcore since 1993


Vocals / Scream


Vocal Chords


Guitars / Scream


Amps: Mesaboogie Dual Rectifier ( Custom by RL Technology )

Guitars: -Gibson SG standard custom
-Esp Ltd Viper 1000 Deluxe

Pedals: 2x Ibanez Tube Screamer

Marshall 1960A 4×12 Cabinet




Drum Set : Tama drums

Kick (2 pedals) / Snare / 2xTom / Floor Tom

Cymbals : HH / Ride / 2 x Crash / China / Splash


Bass / Scream


Ampeg SVT7-PRO head

Bugera head

Fender Jazzbass

QSC Audio Power amps

Behringer / Bugera 4×10 Cabinet


our life bio

.right in sight. was born in ivrea ( near turin ) on october 1993 bringing light from an intense flame that rises unceasing and vivid, getting free the deepest desires from the union of the strength that determines his life. .right in sight burns by the desire to burn and his essential fuel is live performances that interprets viscerally and reaches in extreme muscular tension; .right in sight prefers the situations that are able to answer to his desire of emphatic union positively and propositive comparison/exchange: smithy of constructive, symbiotic emotive height. .right in sight feels at ease in squats and in structures pulsating of life where vibrating situations fecundate out of plastic logics narcotized by standardization: .right in sight has opened for rain like the sounds of train (usa – dischord rec. ) and strain(canada – new age rec.), saw unbroken and battery in italian tour, he took part in “two days of struggle” organized by green records of padova. after a renewal of the band he has opened for grotus (usa – alternative tentacles rec. ) and he has participated to hardcore festival with elision (germany) and serpico (usa – equal vision rec.) and then he has come up by the side of mightymorning again (usa – revelation / eulogy rec.) in their italian tour . in 2004 .right in sight regenerated from his foundations deeply: after acquiring new haematic lymph, tough muscles and fresh and nourishing oxygen he assumed renewed organic structure with four carrying elements. the new line up has brought quickly and solidly .right in sight to arrive at a developed level of strength, intensity and devotion that guarantees to him more visibility and makes him gaining more fans. live performances are now decidedly more frequent and more intense: the several stages (also swiss and french) where .right in sight has given birth to his sulphurous sabbath, to his livid mantra, to his ancestral ritual of muscles and blood, to his morbid descent to the hell compared to his ceaseless escapes to the more sublime heights, has worked hard to bear his bursting and sincere high impact assault. the family of contacts, friends, situations and labels interested in.right in sight (mylaceration, .right in sight's last album published by vacation house rec. is distributed also in usa by life sentence rec., very distribution and revelation rec. and in japan by retribution network) rises day by day giving to his four elements, that give to .right in sight their heart and passion, renewal energy to feed is infinity ardour and is vehement breath continually. 2005 has seen .right in sight joins to “noise community“: it's a situation of a real and actual collaboration rose by the union of a strength of a large representation of the italian alternative scene. to participate to the compilation “escape from the ghetto vol.2“ assembled by the influent kick promotion, and above all, be select with great pride (together with sacred names of italian scene: negazione, raw power and extrema) from time2moveand pigsty promotion to participate to the compilation in memory of giuseppe codelupi. the compilation will be produced by the belgian goodlife recordings. .right in sight is moreover continuing the chiselled of the new songs with exuberant enthusiasm and lucid planning: the lava has never assumed a form so refined!

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